Maggi – Tao of Emotional Branding

Emotional branding is widely heralded as a key to marketing success. Who knows better than the India’s favorite brand Maggi. Maggi over the years have developed a strong linkages and relationships with its customers, mainly children, teens & young adults. It has become an integral part of their food habits and has taken a permanent space in the kitchen shelves. These potent consumer–brand linkages typically emerge when branding strategies use narratives and tactics that demonstrate an empathetic understanding of customers’ inspirations, aspirations, and life circumstances and that generate warm feelings of community among brand users.

This was seen when recently Maggie was off the shelf when the food regulators asserted that the lead content in Maggi detected during tests in reputed laboratories was harmful to public health. Consumers could not understand this mindless ban on their favorite product. Soon they started twitting and posting their sentiments on the social media and supported Maggi and how they are missing their favorite brand.

Despite the legal battle, the Maggi marketing practitioners started taking into account, this relational, participatory, sensory, and emotive view of consumer– brand relationships. The new Maggi #wemissyoutoo ad. commercials  on social media is increasingly heralded as a central pillar of market differentiation and sustainable competitive advantage, taking into account the bonding Maggi share with its consumers.

The strategy here is to thank all the fans of Maggie for their support. The 0.48 seconds long commercial communicates the meanings that anchor strong consumer–brand relationships arrive at conclusions and recommendations that are consistent
with emotional-branding tenets.

From an emotional-branding standpoint, Maggi’s brand strategy focuses on telling stories that demonstrate a genuine understanding of consumers’ lifestyles, dreams, and goals and compellingly represent how the brand can enrich their lives. The Maggi ban may be lifted soon but Maggi has triggered a query inside everyone’s head: “Kab wapas aayega yaar? (When will it be back?)” .

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