Is your Brand Relentlessly Relevant?

In an era of expanding customer expectations and constant competitive change, brands must continually find new ways to engage and delight people in order to win. Those that do are what we call relentlessly relevant, always seeking deeper and steadier connections to their customers.

Relentlessly relevant brands engage, surprise and connect. They delight, disrupt and deliver. They are restless. They push themselves to earn and re-earn customers’ loyalty – and they define and redefine what’s possible in their categories and in our world.

Earlier this week Prophet, a global brand and marketing consultancy developed the first customer-based brand relevance ranking index. They surveyed nearly 10,000 customers on 400 brands across 27 industries in the US to rank the strongest brands the ones that are relentlessly relevant and making a difference in consumers’ lives.

According to them those companies that have built relentlessly relevant brands generally have four common characteristics:

  • Customer Obsessed: Anything these brands create is aimed at fulfilling the most important need in peoples’ lives, connecting emotionally, and creating happiness.
  • Ruthlessly Pragmatic: These brands make sure that they are available where and when the customer needs them, delivering a consistent brand experience.
  • Distinctively Inspired: These brands are trustworthy, emotionally connected and fulfill a larger purpose in their consumers’ lives.
  • Pervasively Innovative: Pushes the status quo, engages with customers in new and creative ways, and finds new ways to address unmet needs.

 The Relentlessly Relevant Top 10 brands are:

top 10 brands

Relentless relevance measured on those that are active in the category and familiar with the brand provide a key brand equity indicator that is not available on other brand strength scales and represents a brand relationship that is a key to business success.

Well any brand that needs to be relentless relevant to their customers need to continuously reinvent themselves. The common characteristics to all the above relentless relevant brands is their continuous  way to Discover, Execute, Engage, Differentiate and Delight their customers.

So is your brand Relentless Relevant?